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Tree Trimming

Scorpion Lawn, Snow & Landscaping is here to help you with all your tree trimming needs. Trees and shrubs that flower in mid to late summer should be pruned in Winter or early Spring. Although a tree with a huge canopy may seem impressive, it is better to hire professionals for tree trimming and overall lawn care maintenance for both tree health and landscaping organization.

An excess of vegetation causes inconveniences not only to tree owners but also to neighbors. In the worst case scenario, excess brush may create fire hazards during dry season. In addition to getting rid of undergrowth, it is efficient to have professionals trim and maintain bigger branches that grow out of control. If you need emergency tree removal or palm trimming, we can take care of it.

Hiring professionals is a safer alternative to doing the job yourself. When it comes to tree care, we have the right training and equipment especially when treating taller trees. We are trained in handling all different types of trees and will get any job done free of hassle. In addition to pruning, our tree removal services are the best in the area.

Call us for all your lawn service needs at Scorpion Lawn, Snow & Landscaping in Lakewood, CO today! We have exceptional commercial and residential landscaping services.